If you are an educator, student or individual seeking greater wellness and balance in your life, explore the following resources! 

Don't forget to be patient with the process and recognize that wellness and balance looks different for everyone! Finding and maintaining wellness is not a one-size fits all path. Happy exploring and take care of yourself! 

1. Blogs!


There are so many wonderful wellness blogs available for your reading leisure! They are wonderful because many of the posts can be read quickly with a morning coffee and therefore do not require an exhaustive commitment. Here are a few that I have enjoyed following:

This wellness website was launched by two New York journalists, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula. It curates intel about various wellness and health trends and topics.

"Mbg" seeks to create a community of holistic wellness by offering free resources, training and videos for your own wellness journey!

While originally a personal blog, this website soon became a community blog in which thousands of individuals share their stories about personal change. Quite an inspiring virtual space to explore, I highly recommend this website!

Founded by Sonia Jones, this website's purpose is to provide everyday people with wellness resources such as healthy recipes, home workouts, yoga tutorials etc. I personally love that the focus of this platform is not about external beauty - achieving that six pack or thigh gap but achieving happiness, health and balance. 

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2. Podcasts!


Only in the last couple of months have I really dove in and appreciated podcasts! Perfect for your morning commute, while cooking or working at a desktop. These podcasts have been immensely beneficial in augmenting my own self-consciousness and reinforcing my habits of wellness.

This podcast is hosted by Joshua Field Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus about how to live effectively and meaningfully with less. I first saw their documentary on Netflix and found solace in their methods and anti-consumption message. This podcast is refreshing and a lovely listen!

This podcast was recommended from a friend where the hosts "pick the brains" of experts surrounding topics of health, personal improvement and wellness.

This has been a personal favourite for quite some time! Trained takes on more of a performance and sport perspective to wellness with guests being pro athletes as they discuss their sleep, nutrition and training routines for optimum health and performance.

Jocelyn Glei hosts this time management podcast. It centres on topics of productivity, resiliency and creativity. This podcast is especially relevant today when so many (including myself) find themselves over-stimulated from all of the notifications, to-do lists, emails etc. This is a great podcast to re-ground oneself about reimagining time and making the most of it.

Well Now is the name of this podcast that is run by the wellness company, Saje. While I was less favourable to this podcast at first because I thought it would be a marketing ploy for the business, I was pleasantly surprised with the health experts, wellness advocates and healing gurus they invited on the podcast to discuss balance and wellness.

Known for her memoir, Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert created this podcast that is meant to inspire others by helping them overcome their fears and create their own joy. 

3. Applications!


I use a couple of these applications and I believe that if used effectively, they can be an excellent, more interactive resource for personal wellness.

An application for the documentation of ones food consumption. Helpful to ensure you are eating enough calories, protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates etc. in a given day. It allows you to modify your intake in accordance with your body, goals and current lifestyle as well!

Although I have only seen the paid version, this is an application that I was recommended by friends that use it religiously. It is an application that hosts guided meditation for whatever your desired purpose - sleep, focus or stress.

This is a clinical mental health application that targets healing through the reduction of symptoms such as anxiety, stress and moodiness. The modules are structured for a longer duration so this application requires consistent and prolonged usage for proposed results.

This application is essentially a to-do list that is meant to help you form good habits and increase productivity. Another application similar that I have used is called or Wunderlist.

This is another recommended guided meditation application to help one clear their mind. One aspect that I found favourable to this application is that the huge array of meditation teachers available on the platforms.

This application is one of my personal favourites in providing guided workouts, yoga sessions and general fitness motivation to its users. I also use the Nike Run application that tracks and gamifies each run you do by providing awards and "badges."

4. An educator/employee-specific wellness resource! 


The following is a wellness resources for educators/employees specifically. It was introduced to me by my board of education as they do promote health and balance. It is more suited for a workplace or a group collective. I hope it can be of use to you!

This company is actually from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario and has different software to evaluate workplace culture and employee wellness. The results of these surveys are then transformed into resources and strategies to improve areas of weakness. 

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